Core Values

At Aspect, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by the way we treat our employees, clients, communities and others we do business with.  Our company is built on and operates by the following core values and we look for employees who possess these same values.

Integrity, Honesty & Trust

In the construction industry, a solid reputation is essential.  We keep our promises and our commitments.  We work hard to maintain high ethical standards and to do what’s “right”. 

Commitment to Quality & Safety

We are committed to finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals.  We place a high value on relationships, as these relationships have built our success.  Approximately 80% of our work comes from repeat clients, with whom we have developed lasting relationships.  We are committed not only to the quality of the projects we complete, but to the safe working environment of these projects.  


Our most important asset is people and we foster teamwork at all levels.  We value our people and our relationships and enjoy seeing success in others, whether we are helping an employee to reach their full career potential or helping a client by delivering a successful project. 


Mutual respect is essential.  We respect individuals and their opinions and we exhibit the knowledge, skills and attributes to gain respect from others.


We are passionate about what we do!  We want to continue developing the ability to provide our clients with a solution that meets their needs and to deliver a quality project.